Dear readers,

We were very convinced, that by starting the Galenika Medical Journal we were doing something useful for the medical profession, but the reaction we received exceeded all our expectations! Thank you, dear colleagues, for all kind words you sent, for the expressions of support and especially, for desire to participate in creating the content of future issues of this magazine. As an editor, I would like to express my gratitude to all authors who wrote articles to the magazine and defined the standard below which we will not go, as well as the collaborators (proofreaders, graphic editors) who, with their engagement, made it possible to get a magazine that leaves no one indifferent! On behalf of the Editorial Board (and I’m sure I can say this on behalf of the readers as well), I would like to thank our sponsor, our oldest and most respected pharmaceutical company Galenika, whose financial support made possible that this useful reading can be distributed in 5,000 free printed editions to users, as well as anunlimited access to the digital format of the magazine to a medical professional public of the Republic of Serbia(see the cover of the magazine).

We cordially invite all of you, who want to share your knowledge and experience with colleagues or want to recommend certain texts. Address a topic that you consider important for practice that you have theoretically studied, researched and/or deal with daily in your medical practice. On the page of the electronic edition of the journal ( you will find instructions for authors that will help you to edit your article according to the propositions. In the same section, you will also find the instructions that guide the reviewers in evaluating your work, so you can make the necessary corrections, yourself before sending. If you want to suggest the importance of a certain scientific paper that should be read in the original, see the instructions regard tothis and write us a text.

Let this issue of the magazine be a source of professional satisfaction and joy for you.

With respect, 

Prof. dr. Dragoljub Đokić, 
editor-in-chief of the magazine Galenika Medical Journal 
Galenika Medical Journal, 
founder of the Academy for continuous 
medical education


Dear colleagues,

GALENIKA, one of the strongest brands that has worthily represented the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Serbia for decades, is taking a step further, with a great desire to help developing a strong professional opinion within the healthcare of the patients.

We are aware that stormy times bring great challenges, especially for those who bravely stand on the front lines of the joint struggle and for that reason, we decided to support the creation of a new scientific journal as a general sponsor, intended to you, who selflessly invest effort and knowledge in preserving the health of our population every day.

We firmly believe in the idea that professionalism has no alternative and that only by relying on evidence-based medicine can be victory over every existing and future health challenge.As a company, that for decades has a recognizable and inseparable role at the daily level of your professional practice, together, we can resist every disease or condition of our patients, without asking about hours, days, weeks and years of dedication, but focused on striving for the health benefits of each individual.

Today, we want to help more than ever, we want to make reference medical data available to every healthcare worker in our country, on their native language.We decided to succeed on that path,regardless about the level of effort we will put into this mission.

Thanks to the courage and professional capacity of the Academy for Continuing Medical Education, the GALENIKA MEDICAL JOURNAL is born. The scientific newsletter of the Academy for Continuing Medical Education.We strongly believe that this unique professional literature will be a useful support for your further professional development.

This is our way of saying


Your Galenika