Dear colleagues and readers,

We have prepared the seventh issue of the Galenika Medical Journal for you!

In the issue before you, you will become acquainted with the latest works and experiences of leading experts from the countries in the region, in the fields of dermatology, psychiatry, cardiology, anesthesiology, pulmonology, general and orthopedic surgery, esophageal surgery, and more. In this issue, you will read papers written by: Aleksandar Simić, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Ehrenfried Schindler, M.D, Ph.D (Germany), Maja Šurbatović, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Kata Šakić Zdravčević, M.D, Ph.D (Croatia), Snežana Minić, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Nenad Lalović, M.D, Ph.D (Republika Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina), Goran Belojević, M.D, Ph.D (Montenegro), Čedomir Vučetić, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Dušica Simić, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Bojana Vujović, M.D (Montenegro), Dejan Simeunović, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Assoc. prof. Jelena Sotirović, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Assoc. prof. Maja Lačković, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), Assist. Jelena Janković, M.D, Ph.D (Serbia), and their associates.

We have also conducted accreditation of electronic tests prepared by the authors of the works we have published from the inception of the journal up to the present day. By the accreditation decision of the Health Council of Serbia and the Montenegrin Medical Chamber, each test has been assigned a specific number of points that you can use for the renewal of your license. In Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, it will be necessary for you to verify the certificates you receive by completing the tests with the relevant chambers, following the prescribed procedures of the health authorities of these countries, to recognize certificates which are acquired by attending accredited continuing education programs outside the home country.

We have also implemented the necessary changes to the platform for continuous medical education (, enabling doctors from the region to now take tests in their native language (Serbian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Montenegrin).

To take tests on the platform, it is necessary to create a user account by following the instructions provided, when you access the platform. Do it today – either on your own or call the on-duty administrator who will create an account for you! The on-duty administrator’s phone number is +381 / 60 3443361, and this service is available seven days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM. Registered readers can use the tests for free! On the final pages of this edition, you will find lists of tests available for use. The tests are accredited for all medical profession specialties, and you will be able to choose those that are relevant to the field you work in based on the topic. By scanning the QR code located next to the test name, you will receive more information about its content. Then, inform the on-duty administrator about the test you want to take, so that they can grant you access to the content of the selected test.

We are confident that through all the undertaken activities, we have significantly facilitated the process of accumulating points for license renewal for our readers, especially considering the approaching end of the year when this matter becomes particularly relevant.

For any additional questions, you can contact us by calling the following numbers: +381 11 6184998 and/or +381 60 1485511.

Welcome to Galenika Medical Journal!

Prof. Dragoljub Đokić, M.D, Ph.D, D.P.H 
Chief Editor of Galenika Medical Journal
Founder of the Academy for Continuing Medical Education


Dear colleagues,

GALENIKA, one of the strongest brands that has worthily represented the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Serbia for decades, is taking a step further, with a great desire to help developing a strong professional opinion within the healthcare of the patients.

We are aware that stormy times bring great challenges, especially for those who bravely stand on the front lines of the joint struggle and for that reason, we decided to support the creation of a new scientific journal as a general sponsor, intended to you, who selflessly invest effort and knowledge in preserving the health of our population every day.

We firmly believe in the idea that professionalism has no alternative and that only by relying on evidence-based medicine can be victory over every existing and future health challenge.As a company, that for decades has a recognizable and inseparable role at the daily level of your professional practice, together, we can resist every disease or condition of our patients, without asking about hours, days, weeks and years of dedication, but focused on striving for the health benefits of each individual.

Today, we want to help more than ever, we want to make reference medical data available to every healthcare worker in our country, on their native language.We decided to succeed on that path,regardless about the level of effort we will put into this mission.

Thanks to the courage and professional capacity of the Academy for Continuing Medical Education, the GALENIKA MEDICAL JOURNAL is born. The scientific newsletter of the Academy for Continuing Medical Education.We strongly believe that this unique professional literature will be a useful support for your further professional development.

This is our way of saying


Your Galenika